List of Works

List of Works

Solo and Chamber Works
Instruments / voices / electronics

Etnia (2012)
Ego a 4 Estações (2012)* 
4 peças para Viola solo (2013)*
Sonata (2013)*
4 quadros emocionais (2013) 
Noturno (2013)*
Dichotomies (2015) 
4 random pattern sketches (2017)*
Mohr code (2019)

Strings sonata cycle
Mandelbrot Sonata (2015)* 
Henon Sonata (2016)* 
Brownian Sonata (2016) 
Gauss Sonata (2017)

Works with voices
Hommage a Rothko (2017)* 
Wurzel, Worte, Wer? (2018)

Works for/with electronics and/or video
homeTown (2014)* 
Sabbath v.2  (2019)
Atmospheres (2020) 

Works with orchestra
Butterfly effect (2017) 
Inaugural shiver (2018)

O Alquimista (2018) 

* Works edited by Da_sh Editions. To be purchased under:
Double Bass and Piano
Viola and Double Bass
Viola solo
Viola, Double Bass and Piano
Flute, Viola and Double Bass
Piano solo
String quartet
Piano quartet (Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano)
Alto Flute solo (Kingma system)

Double Bass and Piano
Violoncello and Piano
Viola and Piano
Violin and Piano

Choir a Capella
Baritone, Harp and Frame Drum   

Double Bass, video & electronics
Live video & live electronics
Fixed electronics in 2 channels

String orchestra
Viola, Violoncello and chamber orchestra

Full orchestra